2018 is nearly done, and as we fast approach the final month, the coming year promises to bring in amazing new telecom features and improvements. But for those as impatient and anxious for the new year as us, Spectra Televentures offers a glance at what 2019 is expected to bring to telecoms.

As data driven practices make their way to the forefront of the telecom sector, 2019 is going to further supercharge these processes, creating faster and more efficient data collection and utilization techniques. Here’s what Spectra Televentures Pvt Ltd believes the coming year holds in store for us.

Say Hello To 5G!

Yes, it’s almost here! 5G defines a new technical standard of excellence in telecoms, providing ultra high speed connectivity with uninterrupted flow!5G It is the standard on which future technologies such as self driving cars will be based. But while this is exciting news, it involves a lot of modification to existing infrastructure. Furthermore, complete optimization of existing 4G networks will be required before even thinking about making the switch to 5G!

Spectra Televentures Pvt Ltd has already begun talks about possible future implementations of 5G. The future is nearly here!

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR came to us in the form of gaming, the most vibrant example of which is the wildly popular Pokemon GO! But AR is now set to make a huge difference in traditional telecom project management. Spectra Televentures has seen incredible opportunities for telecom maintenance in particular, where audit officers, with the power of AR, can easily glance at hidden infrastructure without moving a single brick!

Virtual Reality (VR)

Selling to clients couldn’t be easier than it will with VR! Providing numerous visualization opportunities, virtual reality can effectively produce entire telecom infrastructure from the ground up, creating beautiful top down displays, before the project even begins! It’s easier to sell customers a design they can see in 3D than via flat images and complex views.


Unfortunately 2019 doesn’t bring only sunshine and happiness! Spectra Televentures Private Limited has been noticing an increasingly restrictive set of legal compliances imposed on telecom solutions by governments across the world. As intellectual property rights start getting better defined, the new year is sure to usher in growing legal constraints.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Sophisticated machine learning algorithms and AI have begun popping up in every industry, and Spectra Televentures believes they will soon be a part of every leading telecoms organization, being used for field surveys, data analysis, feasibility studies and customer support!

In Flight Internet!

Finally! After years of traveling in solemn silence or limited by in-flight entertainment systems, 2019 could finally mark the arrival of internet in flights! However, due to security concerns and fear of hacking, this could still take some time, while encryption protocols are ironed out.

Spectra Televentures is very excited about the progress 2019 is expected to brings to telecoms. Are you? Let us know your views on the matter at: https://www.spectratele.in/

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