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While IoT or the Internet of Things has been around for a while, it is yet to be used to the full extent of its capabilities. Spectra Televentures has been experimenting with IoT in the telecom setup process, and we’d like to say that the advantages of using this smart tech is nearly limitless, increasing productivity exponentially, not to mention reducing costs and errors!

What is IoT?

Internet of Things deals with connecting devices across a common network, using IoT tags that can turn any device into an internet enabled one! By sticking these tags onto various devices in the telecoms infrastructure, you can effectively monitor data in real time as well as create analytics based on them.

The advantages of IoT in telecoms project setup are plenty. Here are some of the most obvious ones, as seen by Spectra Televentures Private Limited.


Interconnectivity of devices means a more collaborative and connected process, and not just for machinery, but also for project managers. By using real time statistics, projects can effectively be worked on by teams across the globe, without a single hiccup!

Rich Data Collection

IoT tags enable devices to report live usage statistics and more importantly, they provide a rich source of data for future analysis and logistics management. Spectra Televentures has seen this data used to create better setup processes and for maintenance purposes.


Smart devices also allow for better management. Project managers can use this data, highly accurate in nature and provided by the second, to dynamically allocate tasks and monitor progress. This creates greater accountability, reliable project completion estimates and a productivity based appraisal process for employees.

Spectra Televentures Pvt Ltd has also seen IoT lead to better decision making processes, based on cold hard facts rather than subjective assessment and emotionality!

Resource Monitoring

By incorporating raw materials and machinery in IoT networks, project managers can maintain perfect accounts of their material inventory. IoT can also be leveraged to monitor machine status and appropriately schedule maintenance for the same.

Error Free Practices

Through constant monitoring of every element in the telecoms infrastructure, IoT not only reduces the need for human intervention, but also eliminates a majority of human error, leading to faster project completion and less rework!

Workplace Safety

Machinery status and health provides a great way to ensure workplace safety. At Spectra Televentures, we take our employee health and safety concerns very seriously, and IoT seems like a perfect blend of high efficacy practices and greater worker safety.

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