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Burdened by encroaching deadlines and limited manpower, outsourcing can effectively solve typical organizational problems. But while on-time project delivery might be your biggest concern, blindly opting for outsourcing is not the smartest way to handle your workflow obstructions. Spectra Televentures has spent much time in the telecom sector, implementing first hand solutions and outsourced project management both.

Timing, cost, management – all of these play a major role in deciding whether to not to outsource. At Spectra Televentures Pvt Ltd, this is how we decide on whether outsourcing is the right call at the given time.

In-house project management is not always the cheapest option! Wages, overheads, software and hardware costs can help create a partial picture of required budget. We try to create an accurate estimate of outsourcing costs, comparing them with the expenses of in house project delivery.

Spectra Televentures typically outsource labour work for extremely large scale telecom setups, as costs are easily offset by the external party bearing costs for machinery and safety equipment.

Spectra Televentures Gurgaon has a unique management style, combining positive encouragement with productivity raising measures that have enabled us to deliver the perfect solution time and again.

A definite drawback to outsourcing is lack of your particular management style. The entire task is essentially left in the hands of a third party vendor, who may or may not share your concern with employee productivity, welfare or quality.

With no personal stake in the project, outsourcing can create problems in terms of missed deadlines. This isn’t a particularly major concern when deadlines are well in the future, as the third party can be given earlier deadlines to stick to, creating a safety net of extra time for project delivery. But when deadlines are close, Spectra Televentures typically takes matters in their own hands.

Regardless of how professional your chosen outsourced organization is, it is personal interest in the project that provides high quality outcomes. A good way to gauge quality of work is to go through the external party’s previous work and company profile. Are they able to handle projects of this scale? Do earlier clients seem satisfied with their work? Do your due diligence!

At the end of the day, project delivery falls on the shoulders of your most crucial resource – employees! On taking up a project, Spectra Televentures first refers to its employee talent pool. If we have the required skill sets for the job at hand, we go through with in house processes.

However, outsourcing does present a clear advantage in this field. External talents offer a wide variety and possibly better proficiency.

The final factor we consider is confidentiality of the project. Proprietary products and infrastructure can not be shared with third party sources due to confidentiality agreements and legal liabilities.

Spectra Televentures has a keen eye for when to outsource and when not to. We hope this helped you make a decision. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information on the subject. https://www.spectratele.in/

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