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Be it construction, architecture, engineering or any related discipline where field work and infrastructure building is involved, there lie many risks to physical health and safety of your workers. As a leader in the fields of telecoms, construction and power project management, Spectra Televentures holds itself to the highest of standards when it comes to workplace safety.

SHE Standards

Initially set forth by Henkel, the SHE Standards are an abbreviation of Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Standards, which help safeguard the worker and the environment alike. Spectra Televentures Pvt Ltd strictly adheres to SHE Standards across all its projects, creating safe work environments and sustainable eco-friendly designs.

There are hundreds of regulations and standards set in place by the SHE Standards, all of which need to be followed diligently. Spectra Televentures prides itself on being completely SHE compliant. Here are just some of the many standards you would see in a Spectra Televentures project.

Health & Safety

Under this section, health and safety of employees, contractors and visitors alike is ensured by:

  • Clearly labelling hazardous work environments and machinery. This may be in the form of mechanical, electrical or exposure hazards.
  • Thorough risk assessment of the site is conducted, and risks are minimized where possible.
  • Regular training of employees and project managers to keep them up to speed with the latest workplace safety processes.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided to every person on site, including visitors.
  • Full maintenance and cleanup of the site, to prevent access to sensitive and dangerous machinery.


Spectra Televentures Pvt Ltd follows a rigorous medical process. Here are some of the steps taken to ensure complete physical well-being for all our employees and field staff.

  • Employee wide access to health care professionals in relevant fields.
  • Presence of trained healthcare professionals to provide first aid and relief during all shifts.
  • Medical examinations pre-project, to ensure worker potential is in line with required tasks.
  • Documentation of medical exams. These are maintained in complete confidence.


As a socially conscious organization, Spectra Televentures implements only sustainable building practices. Here is how we lower our environmental impact.

  • Honest monitoring of
    • Air emissions
    • Wastewater generation and discharge
    • Waste generation and disposal
    • Energy & Water consumption
    • Accidental release risks
    • Hazardous substances itinerary
    • Pollution: noise, odour, etc
  • Ensuring construction practices fall under legal limits of impact to the environment.
  • Data is all documented, reported and analyzed to improve on existing sustainable processes.

To learn more about workplace safety, environmentally sustainable construction practices and emerging industry trends in the Telecom sector, head over to Spectra Televentures at: https://www.thecreativebureau.in/

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