Spectra Televentures Pvt. Ltd


We at Spectra follow the following methodology, for the execution of any project –


1- Estimation of Manpower required – we do the estimation of manpower for any particular project. And try to move the resources from our existing team. If required, we do the fresh employment or hire resources on contractual basis.

2-  Estimation of Machinery – we do the estimation of all tools, tackles and machinery

Required at site to execute the complete project, and mobilize them to site. If required we take some other tools, tackles and machinery on rent from our local present partners.

3-  Arrangement of Hostel/Guest House – as we move all our internal resources to

site, so to give them proper facilities we arrange a hygienic guest house near to the site along with the transportation facility. We provide the hygienic food and other facilities to all our team members present at site.

4-  Arrangement of Ware house/Godown/Store – For any of the construction related

Spectra televentures

activities we purchase all the material like cement, sand, bricks etc from our own and stack them in our store. We take this store near to site or within the site (if site owner allows).

5-  Arrangement of labours or service vendors – we take the local labours to execute

the ground work. We do not mobilize them from any of other site, we prefer to take them locally. And one of our supervisor go to site location well in advance and finalize the  local  labours,  if  required  we prefer to  hire  labour  contractor  (locally available)

6-  Quality policy  –  we  have our  standard quality  processes  and  we  accept from

everyone to follow that and execute the work with proper quality measures.

7-  SHES – we follow SHES norm, for the safety of our team members as well as of the

nature and surroundings.

8-  Finance on Site – we put one dedicated person on site with sufficient amount of

readily available funds. To provide the smoothness to the execution.

9-  Tracking – we use the “Microsoft Project” to track each activity of project.

10- Reporting – we do Daily/Weekly/Monthly reporting to our client for the transparency of the work.

11- Training  – We request  to the owner  of  the plant to  give  us proper training  (if

required) for any specific task.quality

12- Formats – we follow various formats and trackers to check the project progress. And

we will be happy to share the reports with the owner of the plant.



13- Surprise visits – Our senior management do the frequently surprise visits to the

project location to see the progress of the work and to maintain healthy relationship between the team members.


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