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Without proper maintenance, even the most fruitful of ventures are destined to fall into decay. For telecom projects in particular, typically incorporating massive quantities of manpower and funds, it is extremely wasteful to let network infrastructure perish. In addition to setup and modification, Spectra Televentures also provides a polished maintenance routine based on industry leading standards and careful attention to detail.

Before we get into the specifics of telecom maintenance, it is important to understand the various types of maintenance used in the industry today. Spectra Televentures Pvt Ltd incorporates two types of maintenance processes.

  • Passive or Preventive Maintenance
    As a preemptive approach, preventive maintenance deals with identifying problems before they occur. Reducing the risks of fault occurrence, maintaining bandwidth and monitoring fault tolerance limits are all examples of preventive maintenance. These practices are based on experience and predictive patterns in usage statistics.
  • Active or Corrective Maintenance
    If a fault has already occurred, Spectra Televentures executes corrective maintenance measures. Dealing with corrections of present faults, this type of maintenance is based on alarms set off by the system, complaints from customers and issues found during routine checkups.

In all our years of telecom project management and maintenance, Spectra Televentures has seen innumerable types of faults across all aspects of network infrastructure. Wear and tear is one of the the biggest contributors, and in a wide scale telecoms project, it is not uncommon for faults to develop despite reliable setups!

Here are some of the many maintenance activities that fall under the purview of Spectra Televentures capabilities.

  • Bills
    Regular on-time payments of electric and water bills ensure smooth, interruption less operation of the setup.
  • Fuel
    Generators, primary and backup, are most commonly diesel based. As such, monthly checks ensure that fuel is at adequate levels.
  • Battery
    When the primary generator fails, it falls upon battery based generators to handle workload. Battery health checkups and maintenance are provided by Spectra Televentures Private Limited
  • Cleanliness
    Dust accumulation can hamper the efficiency of any electronics. Telecom setups use very sophisticated machinery, and proper cleanliness of the site ensure no hindrances to their functionality.
  • Monsoons
    As a nation affected heavily by monsoons, electrical equipment in particular needs to be prepared for the incoming onslaught of heavy rains and flooding.
  • Analysis
    Spectra Televentures bases its preventive maintenance measures on the logistics of telecom operation. By collecting real time data from our setups, our trained experts can identify possible risks and reduced efficiency in different elements of the infrastructure.

For more information on our professional maintenance measures, head on over to the Spectra Televentures website!


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